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All elementary schools will reopen their doors on September 4 for the 2018 – 2019 school year.

Principal: Ms. D. Reilly
Secretary:  Mrs. D.Tavares
Nurse: Mrs. D. Duarte
Guidance: Mrs. A. Tobin
Custodians: Mr. A. Manchester & Mr. B. Boissonneau

1. Some new faces at Pocasset School this fall: Please welcome Carole Donahue, our new part time remedial reading specialist, and Amanda Pimental our new BSP Special Education teacher and Brittany Edwards will take on a new position as our Grades 1 and 2 Multi-age classroom teacher.

2.  School Hours of Operation:
Office Hours and Principal’s Hours:    8:15 am—4:00 pm
Student Supervision begins at 8:40 am.  Please do not send your child to school earlier, since there will be NO ADULT SUPERVISION until 8:40 am.  Thank you!

3.  School Begins on Tuesday, September 4, 2018

4.  We have put together the following First Day of School procedure to help alleviate “First Day of School Anxiety” that a few children experience:

For all students:  Please line up according to teacher and grade level signs in the gymnasium beginning at 8:40 am. Staff will be available to direct any students to their class lines as we do not have parking available for parents to stay.

a.  Around 8:50 am, or once all the buses have arrived, the teachers will walk their students to class.
b.  If any children do experience anxiety, Mrs. Reilly (School Principal) and our administrative team (guidance, school psychologist, school social worker, nurse) will be available to meet with students, and will contact parents individually if a problem occurs.  

We look forward to having a successful school year with you!

5.  Parking at Pocasset School:
All cars MUST park in the lot in the back of the building.  NO CARS will be allowed to park in the RED numbered spots along the fence across from the main entrance.  Drop off process will remain the same. Parents will stay in their car at all times.  Students will exit the vehicles on the passenger side and walk on the side walk to the gymnasium door. Cars will then drive around the back parking lot and out through the main entrance. Pre-School parents will need to park in the back lot for drop off in the morning (Parking passes will be handed out to by-pass the line and go directly to the back of the building). At NO time can any vehicle block the staff parking area. Please adhere to this process throughout the property to help us ensure the safety of all at our building.  Thank you!!!

6. Summer Orientations:

Monday, August 27 9:30-10:30 – ALL KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS

Monday, August 27 9:30-10 - PRE-SCHOOL STUDENTS & 10-10:30 - PRE-K STUDENTS

Monday, August 27 10:30-11:00 – ALL STUDENTS GR. 1-4 (Optional)

This will include a tour of our building, and some quick facts about Pocasset School/Tiverton School District and our Parent-Teacher Organization.  I hope to see you then!

7.  Student Supplies List: 
The Student Supplies List is located on the main page our school website.  All children need supplies for the new school year, this list provides those that will be needed throughout the school year. If you can’t access it, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or my secretary Mrs. Tavares at [email protected]  Thanks!

8. School Breakfast:
Breakfast will be offered daily from 8:30—8:50 am.  The meal consists of: a bowl of cereal, a small bagel or muffin, juice, and milk. The daily cost of breakfast is $1.25 (reduced price breakfasts at $.30 per day and free breakfasts are also available if your family qualifies).

9. School Lunch:
Lunch will be offered daily for students from Chartwells Lunch Services.  Each day, children have 3 choices for lunch:
1. a hot meal, which consists of a hot entrée (such as pizza, pasta, roasted turkey & gravy), a side dish of vegetables or fruit, and a milk;
2. a simple hot or cold meal, which consists of an entrée (such as chicken nuggets, hot dog), a side dish of vegetables or fruit, and a milk; or
3. a sandwich/salad option, a side dish of vegetables or fruit, and a milk. 

Choices 2 and 3 change weekly while choice 1 is different each day.

The daily cost of lunch is expected to be:             
$2.75—Regular Student Hot Lunch Price
$.55—Student Milk Price
$.40—Student Reduced Lunch Price

To apply for free or reduce meals, please fill out the Federal Free/Reduced Lunch Eligibility form that will be sent home on the first day of school, and either return it to the main office or send it directly to the Superintendent’s Office.  This information is confidential.  With the cost of lunch rising, we are encouraging as many families as possible who may qualify for reduced or free pricing to do so.  If your family does not qualify in September, and your family situation changes during the year (loss of employment, separation/divorce, etc.), you can feel free to either apply or reapply for benefits.

10. E-mail Communications:
The Tiverton Public Schools and Pocasset School send all communications through e-mail, including all emergency notifications, such as early dismissals and snow cancellations.  If you are receiving a paper copy of this newsletter, it is because we do not have an e-mail address for you on file.  Please send to Mrs. Reilly at [email protected] an e-mail with your e-mail address as soon as possible so we can update your child’s file.  In addition, if your e-mail address changes, please contact Mrs. Reilly or Mrs. Tavares as soon as possible.  Thank you!

11. Kindergarten Student Identification Cards:
Parents of students in grades K, as per Tiverton School Department Policy, are required to have Tiverton School Department Identification Cards to pick up their children from school or from the bus daily. 

Students will not be released to the custody of an adult who is not listed on the child’s emergency list, and does not have proper identification. 

If your child who is entering grades K does not have a photo identification card (Kindergarten students will receive them at orientation day), please contact our office, at 624-6654, and set up a meeting time with Mrs. Tavares, school secretary, to have a picture taken. 

12. Busing:
Our transportation is provided by First Student Transportation, on Main Road, in Tiverton.  Their phone number is 625-5562. If you have any questions about the arrival time of buses, or items your child may have left on the bus, please contact the bus company directly. If you are moving or have a telephone number change, please also contact the Bus Company.
The 2016-2017 Tiverton Schools Bus Schedule will be printed in the Sakonnet Times, and at ONE WEEK before school begins. 

13. Medications for Students:
If your child is in need of any medications during the school day, please bring them into Pocasset School prior to the start of school.  Please make sure that your child’s medicine is labeled in a bottle with the original prescription label visible. 

Our school nurse, Mrs. Duarte, will contact you with any additional information that may be needed. Thank you for your cooperation.

14. Visiting or Volunteering in our Building:
Please enter our building and report directly to the Office to sign in and receive a Visitor’s Badge. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!! As per RI State Law and Tiverton School Committee Policy, any person who wishes to volunteer in a RI Public School must have a state BCI completed if they wish to serve as volunteers. Any parent who registered last year is good for another three years. If you wish to substitute in the RI Public Schools, then you also must undergo a National Criminal Background Check.The background checks can be conducted at the Tiverton Police station. 

15. Dismissal Procedures at Pocasset School:

  1. Walkers

    1. Have your child bring in either a note the day of the walker dismissal, or a PERMANENT WALKER NOTE if your child will be a walker on all 5 school days. Address the note to your child’s teacher.

    2. This note will be sent to the Office after the teacher notes the dismissal.  Mrs. Tavares will review each walker note, and provide the student with a walker pass.  We will call and verify each walker note if there is any concerns.

    3. We will not accept ANY transportation changes after 2pm for the safety of our students.

    4. At 3:10 pm, students with a walker pass will be dismissed from the classrooms to the cafeteria area. There will be teachers on duty who will have a Student Sign-Out Log. There will be two lines a K- grade 1 line and a grades 2-4 line. You must sign your child out every day, and if your child is in grades K  or 1, you must have your child’s Student ID in order for us to release your child. 

  2. Bus Riders
          a. Students will be escorted from their classrooms to their bus lines in the gym.
          b. Students will line up in grades K,1,2,3,4 order. Teachers will be on duty to monitor students until their bus arrives.
          c. Teachers or another designated faculty member will escort the bus lines outside to make sure the children are getting on the bus.

16. Pocasset School PTO Student Directory:
On the first day of school, you will receive a notice regarding the Pocasset School     Student Directory.  Participation in this book is voluntary.  This is the listing parents will use to mail out invitations to parties or playdates (we don’t hand out invitations in school, since it causes too many hurt feelings, arguments, fights, etc.) We’d appreciate if you could send in the information required by Friday, September 16, 2016.  Thank you to the PTO for coordinating this important booklet. 

17. Student Classroom Assignments:
Students in grades 1-4 will be receiving a Postcard in the mail with their teacher’s  name prior to the first day of school.

Please do not call the office and request to change your child’s teacher after receiving the Postcard.  Classes were designed to ensure a balance of educational, academic and social factors; therefore no changes will be made. Thank you!
18. Emergency Information – Student Bio Form:
Please make sure you have filled out the Emergency Information form, which was sent home with students in June.  It is very important that the form is filled out completely, both sides.  If any emergency contact information changes during the school year (including changing your cell phone or home phone number), please send in the new information to our school.  We will be using these sheets to update our contact information in the district database. This information is necessary to contact parents in case a child becomes ill or is injured, and it is imperative that the information is kept up to date.  If you are new to the school or need another copy please stop by the main office and pick one up. Thank you!

19. Alternate Bus Drop-Off/Pick-Up Form:

Please fill out this form and send it in to Pocasset School for all students who may not be picked up or dropped off at their home addresses (this includes if your child is being picked up or dropped off at a daycare like SELC, etc.).  The bus company MUST have this paperwork on file for you as soon as possible.  This alternate bus stop MUST be for ALL 5 DAYS – you cannot choose to do this for 2 or 3 days (like a Tu-Th, etc.). The reason the bus company needs this information as soon as possible is because they are trying to develop accurate bus lists for the first day of school.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Here's to a GREAT year!
Mrs. D Reilly


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